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The long-awaited, bottom-scuttling stealth craw has arrived. SLEEPER CRAW harnesses the revolutionary performance of the SLEEPER series, bringing its hidden-hook design, enticing realism, and undeniable fish-catching ability to the staid category of conventional craw imitators. Unlike traditional offerings, the SLEEPER CRAW’s weight and hook are concealed within its body. This presents a stealthy package that lulls targets into natural, long-duration bites and reduces the chances of snagging, allowing anglers to move from dock skipping to laydowns to more traditional rockpiles with confidence.

Constructed with a buoyant, highly durable material with a custom scent, the SLEEPER CRAW rests in the claws-up ready position and moves with uncanny realism. With an encased weight built to navigate treacherous rock formations without the unnatural sounds of lead or tungsten contact, the CRAW is perfectly suited to bottom-contact applications. Bring it to life with light line shake, a bottom-bumping drag, or vigorous hops; regardless of your technique, SLEEPER CRAW’s unique design will deliver fresh bites.



The jig hook is concealed within a hollow cavity in the body for natural bite-feel and improved snag-avoidance. With ample clearance to compress around the bite, SLEEPER CRAW delivers sure hooking performance.


The highly buoyant and durable claws are incredibly responsive, settling into a raised-arm defensive posture when at rest on the bottom and trembling to life with the slightest angler input or current. More vigorous line-shaking or hops are amplified by the arms, bringing an aggressive action when called for.



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Take a deep dive with Megabass Pro, Randy Blaukat to get his take after years of testing the brand new SLEEPER CRAW.

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The hidden hook design of the SLEEPER CRAW lulls targets into long bitesand limits snags, allowing anglers to move from dock skipping tolaydowns to more traditional bottom-contact applications withconfidence. Flip and Swim Jig Fishing the Sleeper Craw can add a dynamic element to your angling arsenal to capture more bites. Crafted with a buoyant, highly …

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