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The uncanny bite-getting performance of the original 3” model has been upgraded to a meaty 4.2” version specifically for North American waters. Maintaining the proven profile and high-frequency tail action of the original, the 4.2” is a deadly addition to high-pressure scenarios and clear water conditions.

Featuring a tasty profile and carefully layered material of different densities, the HAZEDONG SHAD is able to maintain excellent stability even when used with no sinker rigs. This layering process also allows for ultra-realistic two-tone patterns, to fool even the wariest of fish.

The super-thin shad tail catches the water even during dead-slow retrieves and delicate shaking, triggering targets with its natural vibrations.

The slits in the belly allow the body to compress when bitten, increasing hookup rates. Adding an offset hook helps as well.

No sinker rigs highlight the HAZEDONG SHAD’s natural actions, and are great for clear water presentations, delivering bites in even the toughest conditions.

Ideal for long mid-range retrieves, strolling, and retrieves punctuated by gentle shakes of the rod, the natural flashing and action created by the flat-side body will lure bass in.


From the studio

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