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Jointly developed with Japanese lunker hunter Tetsuya Nakamura, the Megabass SPARK SHAD 5 paddletail represent a perfect union of trophy bass experience and painstaking design. Hand-poured using a salt-rich compound laden with organic shellfish and baitfish powders, Megabass SPARK SHAD 5 paddletail offers up an exquisitely prepared meal to wary lunkers. The shape of the body draws inspiration from the hull of a boat, featuring a sturdy design and directional fins to increase swimming stability. Finished with an extremely sensitive tail designed to kick into action with the slightest retrieve or current, the Megabass SPARK SHAD 5 paddletail will keep fish committed without hesitation or suspicion. The carefully designed fins also help manage the subtle rolling-action of the body, ensuring that the hook-point does not rotate outside of the optimal hooking range.

Partner it with your favorite umbrella rig as schooling bait, pair it with the BODY BALANCE jig head, or try it weed-less. Please experience the effect of its real cruising action for yourself!


From the studio

Two Types of Summer Bass

Bass fishing is truly dynamic and summer is no exception. Depending on the body of water, most impoundments will have roughly half of the bass living shallow, and the other half living deep. So, where do we start? First, Let’s Look at Bottom Dwelling Bass As a foundation, a percentage of the bass will move …

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Fishing Belly Hook Swimbaits for Bass

Fishing belly hook swimbaits for bass began with the early days of swimbait fishing in California decades ago. This was a closely guarded secret for many years, but slowly, tournament anglers began using swimbaits in events back east.Once the word got out, swimbaits spread like wildfire, and for a period, these California-produced baits were nearly …

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Understanding Late Pre-Spawn Patterns

Without a doubt, April is one of the favorite months for bass anglers throughout most of the country. The fish are moving shallow in large numbers and therefore tend to be easier to catch this time of year than at just about any other time. Depending upon which area of the country you live in, …

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How to Fish the Spark Shad 5″ Swimbait

B.A.S.S. Elite pro angler Chris Zaldain shares tips and techniques to help you get the most out of larger 5″ swimbaits like the SPARK SHAD. Covering everything from rigging, rod/reel setup, line type, and target areas and retrieves, Chris shows you why this is such a deadly presentation throughout the country!

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Edwin Evers shares his swimbait fishing tips

Products Mentioned: Spark Shad 4″ | Spark Shad 5″

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How Edwin Evers Won Kentucky Lake

Edwin Evers details his win on Kentucky Lake, from the approach, equipment, and execution that punched his ticket to the Bassmaster Classic! Key Products: Deep-Six diving crankbait Spark Shad 5″ Albino

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