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Now available in a snack-sized 2.4″ package, DARK SLEEPER is ready to target highly pressured waters, river systems and tough sight-fishing situations. DARK SLEEPER’s soft fin shields the top hook on both sides, camouflaging the top hook design, gently deflecting potential snags, and tricking finicky targets to hold on longer for an improved hook-up ratio. Soft fin material compresses instantly for sure hooksets, collapsing out of the way to drive metal home. DARK SLEEPER is designed for stealthy, life-like deployment as a bottom-bouncing swimbait.

Low center of gravity weight setting and bottom fins keep DARK SLEEPER upright as it moves through structure for a naturally appealing approach.

  • Supple paddle-tail design kicks into gear even at slow, crawling retrieve speeds
  • Tall top fins hide the hook point to camouflage and limit snags, yet is soft enough to absorb strikes and allow for decisive hooksets
  • Weighting and bottom fin design offer a low center of gravity for ideal action to target bottom structure


From the studio

Exploring the Versatility of the Dark Sleeper with Chris Zaldain

Exploring the Versatility of the Dark Sleeper

Hop in the boat as Chris Zaldain dives in-depth on the versatility and effectiveness of the Dark Sleeper swimbait.

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Jig Fishing with the Dark Sleeper Swimbait

Chris Zaldain gives the scoop on the swimbait that quickly filled a needed spot in his arsenal. Here’s how Jig fishing with the Dark Sleeper Swimbait can help put more fish in the boat on your next outing. – What makes the Dark Sleeper unique? – Type of areas and structure it thrives in – …

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Fishing the Dark Sleeper Swimbait like a Jig

Bass anglers often use jigs for pitching, flipping and casting to shallow cover. Kenichi Iida demonstrates how to employ a standard jigging technique with a swimbait, that seamlessly transitions in a horizontal swim retrieve using the versatile Megabass Dark Sleeper.

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How to Fish Swimbaits on the Bottom

A good portion of bass feeding activity takes place on or near the bottom; crawfish and all sorts of baitfish make use of the lower water column for cover, shade, cool water and feeding opportunities. A jig and swimbait are two lure categories that produce big-time results in this zone. California native Chris Zaldain has …

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Targeting Transitions with the Dark Sleeper

The compact profile and boot-tail design of the Dark Sleeper swimbait make it ideal for bottom contact applications. But unlike many swimbaits, the Dark Sleeper’s unique dorsal-fin shields the hook-point, making this presentation virtually weedless–perfect for targeting transitions where bass hide! Megabass Pro Edwin Evers shares a few of his favorite ways to fish the …

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Megabass Dark Sleeper - Edwin Evers Slider

Jig Fishing with Swimbaits

Edwin Evers, the 2016 Bassmaster Classic champion, hails from Oklahoma, which is decidedly jig country, and about 1,400 miles east of swimbait central. Nevertheless, he’s experimented extensively as swimbaiting culture has vaulted into the mainstream of the tournament scene, and while the big “tennis shoe” sized baits don’t consistently play a big role in everyday …

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Thoughts on the Spawning Cycle

One of the valuable byproducts of the passage of time is the fact that fishing myths are dispelled on a regular basis. Two of the biggest myths in fishing that have been proven incorrect are the belief that fish get inactive and won’t bite very well in the winter, and the idea that spawning bass …

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