Drawing upon decades of Japanese design evolution and expertise, the long-awaited Destroyer rod begins its journey anew in the United States.

First released in Japan in 1996, the Destroyer rod series ushered in an era of unrivaled performance, innovation, and craftsmanship that reverberated throughout the angling world. Built to Japanese specifications, each generation of Destroyer rod represented an evolution in Megabass design, allowing Japanese anglers to realize ever-greater potential with every cast.

“Harnessing this design evolution and ethos, we are proud to present the all-new Destroyer, crafted exclusively for North American anglers,” said Yuskei Murayama, President of Megabass of America, Inc. “Initially limited to eight models, each rod represents a careful refinement of key American techniques, tirelessly honed by the insight our designers have gained though thirty-years of innovation across virtually every product category.”

Each un-sanded blank is constructed of a proprietary Hybrid Graphite System for a silky smooth—yet powerful—bend curve. Multi-axis build increases torsional rigidity, hoop strength, and potential energy, resulting in a blank coiled to unleash bombing casts and devastating hooksets, while revealing a surprisingly deep wellspring of power to control the fight.

“When your rod designers work alongside the very creators of the jerkbaits, swimbaits, jigs, etc. that each rod is developed for, something truly special happens,” said Kenichi Iida, Sales & Product Manager of Megabass of America, Inc. “By drawing on this expertise, we were able to fine-tune our rod actions to truly maximize the potential of each lure and technique.”

Armed with the best available materials and components, patented advancements, proprietary blank builds and tapers, and that impeccable fit and finish anglers have come to expect from Megabass, these first eight models represent the opening salvo in North America’s own Destroyer® journey.

Choose your weapons wisely.


F3.5-611XS Addermine Taper: Extra-Fast | Lure Rating: 1/8 – 1/2oz | Line Rating: 5 – 12lb

F4.5-611X Oneten Special Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 3/4oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb

F5-72X Daemos Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb

F5-75X Javelin Taper: Medium-Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb

F6-71X FMJ Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1.25oz | Line Rating: 10 – 25lb

F7-76X Valdivia Taper: Extra-Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1.5oz | Line Rating: 10 – 25lb

F8.5-711X Warhammer Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 2oz | Line Rating: 16 – 30lb

F10-711X Onager Taper: Medium-Fast | Lure Rating: 4 – 8oz | Line Rating: 20 – 40lb

MSRP: $399 – $425, available April 2017