Fine Art Finish

Made by a Meister Fine Art Finish lures are painted on the third floor of the company’s main factory in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. While printing has long been used by many makers to create realistic finishes, Megabass prefers the artistry inherent in painting. Regardless of lure material, the assembly, polishing, leveling and painting are all …

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3 Ways Spinning Gear Excels for Jerkbait Fishing

Fishing the Vision Oneten Jr for Late Summer Bass

One of the biggest myths in bass fishing, is that jerkbaits are limited to pre-spawn fishing. While this time of year is indeed the best times to throw a jerkbait, the lure remains productive all season long, especially given the profile and color options we see today. Fishing the Vision Oneten Jr for late summer …

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When Small Jerkbaits Shine

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen many anglers make is that they get locked into throwing only a standard-size jerkbait like the Vision 110. If they fish it for a while without any success, many simply make the determination that the bass simply aren’t biting jerkbaits that particular day. Often just switching the size will …

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Understanding Jerkbait Conditions

In my opinion, jerkbait fishing can be one of the most complicated techniques in bass fishing, but if practiced correctly it can also be among the most rewarding and fun. There are many variables that are crucial to fine-tuning this technique, but determining the best conditions in which to use it may be the first …

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Northern Smallmouth: Early-winter jerkbaits for shallow water

Up here in Canada and the Great Lakes region, I like to target shallow flats, where Smallmouth feed on small baitfish before descending into their wintering holes. Although I catch Smallmouth on jerkbaits from Spring to Fall, this is truly the best time to catch a big one! The Vision Oneten jerkbait has been my …

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The Vision Oneten has long been dominant in colder pre-spawn waters, but the real secret of its effectiveness is that it produces all year long. Check the front deck of many pros, and you’ll see a Vision Oneten, Oneten+1, or Oneten Jr. within reach all year long! The clear waters of Minnesota are no exception, and the guys from Wired2Fish …