Lure Rating

3/8 – 1.5oz

Line Rating

10 – 25lb


The Destroyer® Valdivia is first and foremost a frog rod, developed to give our touring pro’s every edge to dominate the mats.

Precision & Distance: 7’6” length sends frogs to the farthest reaches of expansive mats, while blank’s intuitive bend allows for pinpoint accuracy when targeting open pockets or edges.

Control: Hybrid Graphite System and multi-axis construction afford a lightness that belies Valdivia’s size and strength, allowing for comfortable rod work to draw the maximum action from frogs.

Positive Hookset: Blank tapers to a subtle tip section with the perfect “give” for ambushing bass to take down their meals. Extra-Fast taper quickly transitions to the massively powerful mid/belly section upon hookset, driving thick-gauge hooks home.

Valdivia’s entire blank responds dynamically to changing loads, keeping fish pinned under the heaviest mats until anglers can reach in to grab their trophy.

First released in Japan in 1996, the Destroyer® rod series ushered in an era of unrivaled performance, innovation, and craftsmanship that reverberated throughout the angling world. Built to Japanese angling specifications, each generation of Destroyer® represented an evolution in Megabass® rod design, allowing anglers across Japan to realize ever-greater potential with every cast.

Harnessing this design evolution, the all-new Destroyer® is crafted exclusively for North American anglers. Each model is a careful refinement of key American techniques, tirelessly honed by the insight our designers have gained though thirty-years of innovation across virtually every lure type and category.

Each un-sanded blank features the original Destroyer® logo as a nod to its predecessors, and is constructed of a proprietary Hybrid Graphite System. This system integrates carbon of varying modulus into a single blank, selecting the optimal grade for each bend point for a “Hybrid” construction that is effortlessly suited to the task at hand. Combined with our multi-axis build process, each blank stands in its prime, poised to unleash bombing casts and devastating hooksets, while also revealing a deep wellspring of “lifting power” to control the fight.

Patented blank-through construction, Spiral Architecture Reel Seat, and Head Locker combine to deliver low-profile ergonomics and inspiring feel. Fuji® Titanium SiC® guides are anchored by dual thread-wraps on heavy action models, while stripper guides on all models are finished with a distinctive flourish.

Armed with the best available materials and components, patented advancements, proprietary blank builds and tapers, and that impeccable fit and finish anglers have come to expect from Megabass, these first eight models represent the opening salvo in North America’s own Destroyer® journey. Choose your weapons wisely.

Here will go the specs details.

Here will go the specs details.