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Oneten Jerkbait

Deep-X 300

Dog-X Diamante

Dark Sleeper

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How to Fish the XPOD

Edwin Evers teams up with the PAA to share some of his favorite ways to work the XPOD transforming topwater bait! Edwin can fine-tune his presentation on the water to adjust to the changing moods of target fish, adjusting the amount of commotion with the click of the XPOD’s patented lip mechanism.

Vision Oneten Magnum Tips: Randy Blaukat

Veteran Pro and jerkbait guru Randy Blaukat shares some valuable insight about the first-generation Vision Oneten Magnum. Kindly note that the current production model is a SUSPEND model, and no longer tuned for a slow-sink. However, depending on water temperature, the Magnum can be easily tuned for a slow-sink, either by use of lead strips, or by …

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