Bassmaster Elite Pro Chris Zaldain shares his approach to glide bait fishing. From his background in California to bodies of water across the country, Chris shares a few key tips to help you get the most out of your glide bait setup. Good luck and good fishing, and be sure to tag @megabassamerica in your fish catches on Instagram!
  • Don’t be afraid to target the primary areas in your local waters. Big baits have big drawing power, so don’t be surprised to see fish of a different class in familiar waters!
  • When fishing the I-Slide 135 and I-Slide 185, try working the lure with your reel, instead of jerking with your rod
  • Your reel handle turn cadence will power big, side-to-side gliding action
  • Make sure your rod and line setup are strong enough to handle big baits and big bites!
  • When choosing a rod, make sure it has both power and a forgiving, parabolic bend like the Orochi XX Leviathan
  • When you hook a fish, winch them straight into the boat–the more time you give them, the harder they’ll fight, and the better chance they can throw the hook!
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