F8-710LV AKLYS (2PC)








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3/8oz – 1.5oz

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Now offered with a two-piece Tactical Grip that allows the blank to be separated from the handle assembly, the LEVANTE AKLYS is built for punching and flipping applications. The medium-fast taper allows for ideal tip-load to deploy punch rigs with devastating accuracy and flip offerings in close quarters. Upon hookset the load transfers to the blank’s powerful middle to hammer thick-gauge hooks home, anchored by a dominant butt section that keeps monsters helplessly pinned to the underside of thick punching mats. Ideal rear grip length and counterweight allows for balanced, pendulum-like ergonomics for all-day punching and flipping endurance.

Incorporating refinements to taper, balance point, guide positioning and ergonomics, the LEVANTE evolved through countless hours of testing and invaluable dialogue between customers, pro staff, and the Megabass development team. The result is a more-perfect integration of angler and equipment, allowing for intuitive rod work, sure hooksets, and confidence-inspiring “feel”.

Featuring upgraded blank material, construction, and Micro Pitch Taping, each LEVANTE is now lighter, more sensitive, and more responsive. Lighter blanks allow for a refinement in balance points, bringing each model closer to its target application. Finished with Fuji® Stainless Steel Alconite guides, custom metal accents, Megabass original Spiral Architect reel seat, hook keeper, and a premium color-shifting finish, the LEVANTE is sure to delight old and new Megabass enthusiasts alike.

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