Lure Rating

3/8 – 1oz

Line Rating

8 – 20lb


The redesigned LEVANTE EMFT receives the same blank treatment applied to the Orochi XX version, expanding the treble hook applications of the original Extreme Mission Type-F and shifting bottom-contact applications to the new BRAILLIST. The EMTF is tuned for more “give” in the mid-section, increasing the hook-up ratio of fast-retrieve treble hook baits like the VIBRATION-X ULTRA and DEEP-X series. 7’5” length powers incredible cast-distance to cover large areas quickly and effectively, taking up slack line quickly for positive hooksets. Load transfers quickly and smoothly, drawing from the powerful butt-section to bury hooks at distance and keep targets pinned. An excellent choice for fast-paced treble hook applications like vibration baits and mid-range cranks.

Incorporating refinements to taper, balance point, guide positioning and ergonomics, the LEVANTE evolved through countless hours of testing and invaluable dialogue between customers, pro staff, and the Megabass development team. The result is a more-perfect integration of angler and equipment, allowing for intuitive rod work, sure hooksets, and confidence-inspiring “feel”.

Featuring upgraded blank material, construction, and Micro Pitch Taping, each LEVANTE is now lighter, more sensitive, and more responsive. Lighter blanks allow for a refinement in balance points, bringing each model closer to its target application. Finished with Fuji® Stainless Steel Alconite guides, custom metal accents, Megabass original Spiral Architect reel seat, hook keeper, and a premium color-shifting finish, the LEVANTE is sure to delight old and new Megabass enthusiasts alike.

From the studio

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