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The GH70 FLATSIDE minnow is a trout-tuned variant of the X-70 minnow jerkbait. Developed to agitate with big flash and action, GH70’s flat-sided design displaces big water and catches predator’s eyes with a compelling high-pitch rolling action. Twitches of the rod generate wide side-to-side darting action, emulating a natural, panicked baitfish reaction that activates neutral targets. Carefully sculpted and hand finished to induce no-holds-barred reaction bites.

The GH70 FLATSIDE fished with a straight or twitch style retrieve is a powerful weapon to attack both current and slack waters alike. The suspending nature of the GH70 also allows a dead-drift presentation in current, closely mimicking wounded forage to get up close and personal with trout and river smallmouth.


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Unlock the Sneaky Effectiveness of Finesse Crankbait Fishing

Throughout the most challenging fisheries and tournament conditions, anglers who unlock the sneaky effectiveness of finesse crankbait fishing consistently see outsized results. Among these crankbaits, the Megabass SUPER-Z Z1 and Z2 models stand out for their innovation and effectiveness, particularly when ideal water and weather conditions align in two distinct seasonal windows. Prespawn conditions, which …

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“Floating” Crankbaits for Key Bites

Palaniuk’s Cranking System Heading into his thirteenth Bassmaster Classic, and third on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake, Brandon Palaniuk expected to deploy a unique shallow-water cranking technique he calls “FLOATING”, for a chance at the win. This time around was a bit later than the previous iterations – 2013, when he was the runner-up; and 2016, when …

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Advanced Jerkbait Tips For Winning Bites

Chasing bass on places like Lake Ontario where there may be up to 50 feet of visibility, there were occasions when Ontario pro and guide Nick Cousvis knew he was in the right area but could not get the fish to the boat. He could’ve been crushed, but instead he set about to deconstruct and …

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Three Tips for Magdraft Swimbait Success

The Megabass MAGDRAFT swimbait, revered in tournament and trophy bass fishing circles alike, is designed to deliver an unrivaled head-shaking, tail-thumping action right out of the package. And while a straight retrieve is often the ticket to bites of both quality and numbers, our Pro Staff have found three tips for MAGDRAFT swimbait success, namely: …

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Palaniuk’s Will to Win

Leading into his 13th Bassmaster Classic, Brandon Palaniuk has fished more than 150 professional tournaments with B.A.S.S., and he has won exactly six times. In baseball, that sort of batting average gets you sent back to the minors. For a football coach, it would be a one way ticket to the unemployment line. In fishing, …

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Megabass Wins 2024 IF Design Award

YUKI ITO, Founder of Megabass, worldwide angling personality and renowned product designer, adds to his repertoire with a 2024 iF DESIGN AWARD for the brand new OROCHI X10 series of rods. Not only does this make the X10 a double award winning series after its 2023 Good Design Award, but also adds to Megabass’ history …

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