GH51 Humpback



Fast Sinking


2 in






The GH51 HUMPBACK is an ideal size to explore new streams where trout of all sizes roam. Its fast-sink tuning and tail weighting power smooth casts, flickering falls and stable swimming through everything the toughest mountain streams can bring. Despite its 51mm length, the tall body generates outsized flash at every retrieve speed.

Designed primarily for stable retrieves with and against current, anglers can also spice up their offering with twitches and jerks to power escape action that attract reaction bites from veteran trophies. In swifter streams and deeper pools, these lures show their true power by reaching depth quicker than conventional minnows and permitting a high degree of range control. If your targets are chasing without biting, try downsizing to the smaller GH46 size and/or speeding up your retrieve and twitch action.


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