2.5g (Floating) 4.0g (Fast Sinking)


Floating / Fast Sinking


#12 Buddha


The body shape of the GH50 FLATSIDE minnow delivers a tight, ultra high-pitch action regardless of retrieve speed or current. The minnow profile’s flat sides give off outsized flash and displacement, drawing predatory feeders with aggression. Twitches of the rod generate a wide side-to-side darting action, emulating a natural, panicked reaction that activates neutral targets. Sculpted down to the smallest detail, each GH50 is hand finished in carefully selected Japanese stream and river patterns to induce compulsive reaction bites.

GH50 FLATSIDE hunts through rocks and current seams with a relentless, fast-paced action that triggers the natural predatory instincts of veteran trout. The floating variant can also draw unique strikes on a surface dead-drift or slow subsurface retrieve when forage rises in the water column. Proprietary barbless Buddha treble hooks keep fish pinned throughout the fight and allow for a quick release of treasured catches.


From the studio

Early Winter Jerkbait Fishing

Late Winter Jerkbait Fishing: A Tactical Guide

Bass fishing’s intrigue is amplified by the mercurial nature of its quarry, particularly noticeable in the winter months. February marks a nuanced shift in bass behavior, influencing how they respond to jerkbaits—a critical lure in the angler’s winter arsenal. This period signals the onset of pre-spawn activities, nudged by lengthening days and a gradual rise …

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Unlock Winter Bass Fishing Success: Mastering Water Clarity

Bass fishing’s allure often lies in its complexity and the constantly changing variables that challenge anglers. This is particularly true in the colder months when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees. Understanding and adapting to these changes, especially water clarity, can unlock bountiful opportunities during winter. Key Segments for Winter Fishing Success Low Visibility Waters …

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Megabass America Elevates Ryan Buttermore to VP of Sales & Marketing

For Immediate Release Megabass of America, the North American arm of Japan’s premier builder of high-end fishing tackle, is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan Buttermore from National Sales Manager to Vice President of Sales & Marketing, effective January 2024. A seasoned sales professional, Ryan has significantly contributed to Megabass’s growth and market expansion …

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Finesse Swimbaits for Winter Bass

Small swimbaits are one of the most effective methods for winter bass fishing due to their lifelike appearance and versatility. From a traditional jighead to the more recent hover rig, small swimbaits are effective year-round but often shine brightest in the winter months. Rigging swimbaits on a jighead is a tried and true standard, allowing …

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Finesse jerkbait fishing harnesses smaller jerkbaits to generate strikes in situations where traditionally-sized offerings are less productive than usual. This may be due to cooling conditions, bass keying on smaller forage, or when waters are highly pressured. Observing the nuances of your specific body of water will allow you to dial in your finesse jerkbait …

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Megabass, the award-winning Japanese fishing brand known for its unparalleled blend of technological innovation and handmade artistry, is proud to announce the expansion of its North American assortment with 29 new hand-painted offerings. This addition enhances the brand’s already diverse and celebrated range, underscoring its commitment to providing anglers with equipment that outperforms and inspires. …

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