GH64 Humpback



Fast Sinking


2.52 in


0.3oz/8.3 g




The highly responsive GH HUMPBACK trout minnow is a rear-weighted, heavy sinking addition to the GREAT HUNTING family that is built to dominate the current.


The 64mm size of the GH64 HUMPBACK is perfect for its home waters of the wide Nagara River and excels in diverse waters holding larger trout. Its fast-sink tuning and rear-weighting enable long casts to new targets. Its long, smooth flight posture facilitates superior line management for faster start-up action. Discerning trout find its balanced swimming motion, undulating fall and mesmerizing form irresistible.

Designed primarily for stable retrieves at varying speeds, anglers can also twitch and jerk to generate outsized flash and escape action that attract bites from wise veterans. In swifter streams and deeper pools, these lures show their true power by reaching depth quicker than conventional minnows. They track true with—and against—strong current and don’t break form, giving the angler a high degree of range control. If the larger GH64 draws the fish you’re looking to catch but can’t generate the bite, the smaller GH51 HUMPBACK or GH46 HUMPBACK might be just the ticket.