Targeting Big Bass in 3 Different Areas Using the Magdraft Swimbait

Chris Zaldain explains tips and tricks on targeting big bass in 3 different areas using Magdraft swimbaits. Tune in to get the scoop on these techniques, so you can increase your chances of putting a true trophy in the boat on your next outing.
Often overlooked for smaller presentations such as spinnerbaits and bladed jigs, the Magdraft swimbait series can be deployed in a variety of situations to target above average fish across many lake areas.
Covered in the video: – Correct rod/reel setups for throwing 3 different size Magdrafts
– Pairing line to your rod for optimal performance
– What retrieve to use for each bait
– Various lake structures to fish to increase your catch rate
– Modifications that you can make that will not only make fishing the Magdraft easier but also increase your catches.