Mega Impact!

The MEGADOG-X is a supercharged walking bait built to drive trophy freshwater targets into a reactive frenzy. Clocking in at a hefty 7in, the MEGADOG-X powers a strategic topwater approach whenever big fish are keyed in on big meals. With a simple reel/stop retrieve, the MEGADOG-X will slide with surprising ease. With more vigorous rod work, the lure will explode into a fury of action, setting off an aggressive splash-walking chain reaction that calls to the largest predators in the area. Incorporating decades of dog-walking refinement, the MEGADOG-X makes big bait topwater angling even more accessible—and explosive.

Mega Power Long Slide ActionDespite its big size, the lure’s pulling resistance is surprisingly minimal and is designed to produce big sliding escape action simply through reel/stop retrieve work. Double Inertial Balancer System

The patented balancer system features two lateral balancers that move side-to-side to power wider and more consistent dog-walking action, coupled with a linear balancer in the tail section to add inertial energy to forward slides. Despite its large frame, theMEGADOG-X can produce a precise sliding action in almost any condition.


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