From the storied lineage of the Megabass IT-JACK comes a new, multi-dimensional wake bait by Yuki Ito: Megabass I-JACK.

Experience massive surface-waking impact and an intense twisting, flashing body-action that captures the imagination of predator fish. Powered by a STINGRAY BILL, RUDDER ACTION BALANCE SYSTEM (RAB) PAT.P, and specially-tuned knocking sound system, Megabass I-JACK performs an incredible rolling action as it pushes water with it’s large, flat side design, attracting target fish from a great distance.

RAB (PAT.P) system not only generates seductive knocking sound as Megabass I-JACK moves through the water, but also allows for crisper action and precise angler input. I-JACK is a creation of the ITO ENGINEERING design group, which carries forward a proud tradition that includes the Vision Oneten, PopMax, and I-Slide.


From the studio

Megabass R.A.B. Knocker System

The patented Megabass R.A.B. Knocker system features a fixed weight on a free swinging rudder-like pivot. This unique balancer is designed to throw its weight side-to-side to accentuate the powerful movement of large topwaters and add a loud and enticing “knock”. The lure featured in this video is the i-Wing 135, but the R.A.B. system …

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Early Post-Spawn Topwater Fishing

The transition from pre-spawn, spawn, to post-spawn is not an exact science. When it comes to topwater techniques, these periods overlap and are far from definite. Geographical locations, the type of lake, water visibility, localized weather patterns and various other factors all make this unpredictable. One thing is for sure, though: The period immediately after …

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