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Built to dominate monster bass, vicious peacock bass and Murray Cod, the I-WING 135 brings explosive buzz-crawling action to the world of extreme topwater games. The result of merciless hydrodynamic testing throughout Japan, the i-WING features a jointed design, R.A.B. (PAT.P) pendulum-balancer, customizable duralumin wings, and Megabass’ unmistakable fit and finish for a winged-meal like no other.  

During deaslow retrieves i-WING generates micro pitch waves, evoking a small school of fish that swarms to weakened bait. However, the i-WING truly soars when you kick your retrieve into high geartaking off with a buzzing-crawl that outpaces the competition and calls up fearsome topwater eruptions. This wide retrieve range is powered not only by wing size, placement and painstaking hydrodynamic design, but by advances like the patent-pending R.A.B. balancer, which anchors the i-WING’s crawling action by acting as a counterweight 

As the i-WING performs its sinuous, buzzing crawl, the R.A.B. weight swings on a pivot from side to side like a pendulum, accentuating i-WING’s movement while keeping the tail-section groundedAdditionally, when the heavy weight hits the inside of each wall, a strong sound and shock wave is emitted, adding another layer of acoustic attraction. The uniquely layered waves emitted by the body movement, wings, jointed tail and R.A.B. pendulum balancer combine to send the feeding instinct of monsters into overdrive  


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A closer look at the I-Wing 135 Topwater Crawler

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