Megabass R.A.B. Knocker System

The patented Megabass R.A.B. Knocker system features a fixed weight on a free swinging rudder-like pivot. This unique balancer is designed to throw its weight side-to-side to accentuate the powerful movement of large topwaters and add a loud and enticing “knock”. The lure featured in this video is the i-Wing 135, but the R.A.B. system is also deployed in Megabass hardbaits like the i-Jack and i-Loud wakebaits to devastating effect. Not only does this system add a sonic layer to each lure’s action, it supercharges lure movement to generate huge flash and water displacement to conjure key bites.

For more on the I-WING 135:…

For more on the I-JACK:

For more on the I-LOUD:

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