Megabass, the award-winning Japanese fishing brand known for its unparalleled blend of technological innovation and handmade artistry, is proud to announce the expansion of its North American assortment with 29 new hand-painted offerings. This addition enhances the brand’s already diverse and celebrated range, underscoring its commitment to providing anglers with equipment that outperforms and inspires.

Each color is meticulously selected, drawing on Megabass’ deep color heritage to reimagine staple Megabass lures for North American anglers. Crafted by skilled Megabass artisans, these colors are not just visually striking but are also designed to enhance the fishing experience, offering improved visibility and appeal in various water conditions.

The new hand-painted color range includes a spectrum of vibrant hues and subtle tones, carefully selected to outperform. From the classic GP Pro Blue receiving a metallic GG treatment, to the legendary GP PRO GREEN and AKATORA colorways making a reappearance, each color eagerly waits to tell its own story.

29 new and heritage hand-painted colorways. 50 new sku’s. Available january, 2024.


The patented profile, one-of-a-kind darting action, balancer system and proven hand-painted colors all contribute to the undeniable fish-catching ability of the VISION ONETEN series. The tungsten Multi-Way Moving Balancer System (PAT.) not only fuels unparalleled action and huge flash, but also powers bombing casts. There is a reason the Oneten has earned its place in tournament arsenals, and these new color additions will further extend the Oneten’s jerkbait dominance.


The compact minnow profile of the X-NANAHAN series, guided by the latest in hydrodynamics, provides excellent swimming response and intuitive handling at multiple depth ranges. X-NANAHAN’s subtle action and flash reproduce the minute waves and flickering appeal of baitfish in an extremely realistic manner. Now available in three tried-and-true jerkbait colorways, the NANAHAN series will continue to demonstrate the power and appeal of finesse jerkbaits.


Worked like a traditional jerkbait, the ITO SHINER darts up to 30% farther and harder than the VISION ONETEN, making this a go-to choice for aggressive feeders. Released in three new colorways proven for northern smallmouth and warm-water largemouth, the Shiner’s aggressive action will capture new bites.


The S-CRANK square bill series features a patented design that generates a hard-hitting wobble with an erratic hunting, wandering retrieve. The S-CRANK’s unique slalom action works even at high-speeds, wandering laterally off-course but always hunting back to center. Introducing three new colors for conditions throughout the US, the S-CRANK will breath new life into squarebill arsenals. 


Built for a tight, high-pitch action to dominate colder waters, the SONICSIDE displays unrivaled casting distance and stability during fast retrieves. The lip is shaped from tough, 1mm circuit board material, making it an eerily responsive and durable option when targeting riprap and hard structure. Now available in the dynamic MAT SHAD colorway, which has proven itself effective in wide ranging conditions throughout the country.


Unlike many traditional vibes which don’t start up unless they are retrieved fast enough, the VIBRATION-X ULTRA utilizes internal balancers along with hydrodynamics to leap into instant action. This system focuses on the tension between balance/imbalance as the driving force behind the tight action necessary to create vibration, resulting in a lure that never fails to deliver. Now available in six new colorways to expand your vibration arsenal.

DEEP-X 300

The DEEP-X 300 is more than a one-dimensional bottom contact deep crank. the 300’s balancer system has a lateral chamber that turns twitches and jerks in open water into the kind of irregular action often associated with deflections. This is particularly effective for suspended fish relating to structure. Now available in four new colorways for situations ranging from heavy stain to crystal clear northern waters.


The DEEP-SIX‘s  lip slices through current and maintains the ideal balance required for a steep dive angle and high-pitched action. Furthermore, the Megabass DEEP-SIX incorporates the renowned Multi-way Moving Balancer System (PAT.) for dominant cast distance and dynamic deflections.


The POP-X  features a Megabass original Side-Stepping Balancer (PAT.) system, which allows this popper to transform into a walking-style bait with short twitches. This patented technology features a fixed tungsten weight at the tail and a spherical tungsten balancer towards the front that moves from side to side, creating a unique popping walk that has been seducing bass since the mid-90’s. Now available in three new colorways for North America.


The POPMAX features a unique gill system that consists of six water intakes and a water chamber, creating life-like bubbles and chugging-action for surface appeal rivaled only by its exquisite detail. Now available in the AUROA REACTION colorway for lightly stained situations.