Neko Rigging for Pressured Bass

When challenged with calm, sunny conditions, Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain’s first choice is to pick up a Neko Rigged soft plastic. Neko rigging for pressured bass is one of the most natural ways to present a soft plastic. His “go-to” Neko rig bait is the 4in bottle shrimp thanks to its subtle action and a realistic profile. Be sure to give this alternative style of fishing a craw-shaped plastic a try next time you are faced with similar conditions on the water.

Discussed in the video:

-Specifications of rigging

-When and where to fish this technique

-Why a subtle action is best -A sensitive spinning rod is ideal

-How to “reel set” for optimal hook-up ratio


Bottle Shrimp 4in –

Orochi XX F4-68XXS Ronin –