Dynamic Frog Fishing with the Big Gabot

Frog fishing can take many forms, especially when it comes to matching forage. Learn from Megabass Pro, Chris Zaldain, that matching a variety of surface based forage, a hollow bodied frog can be utilized in many different scenarios when the fish are looking to the surface for their next meal. Dynamic frog fishing with the Big Gabot will open your eyes to what hollow bodied frogs can effectively mimic and how they fit into the food chain of your local waters.


Discussed in the video:

-Accurate casts are a must

-Search for clues with forage

-A subtle retrieve is best

-Rod positioning for best hook set



Big Gabot Frog – https://megabass.fish/BigGabot3

OrochiXX F7-72XX Perfect Pitch – https://megabass.fish/PerfectPitch