Fishing the VISION ONETEN+1 JR Jerkbait

Chris Zaldain breaks down the key details he looks for when fishing the VISION ONETEN+1 JR jerkbait. The VISION ONETEN+1 JR takes signature ONETEN action to the depths in a snack sized profile. Perfect for when fish are keying in on smaller forage.

Discussed in the Video

  • Using the wind to dictate your starting areas can help dial in a lake quickly and effectively
  • How jerkbaits allow for more searching with your bait versus searching with electronics
  • The importance of the proper rod for effective fishing with a jerkbait on spinning gear

Lastly, he shares details of his favorite jerkbait retrieve and colors for certain conditions. Put these tactics to use next time you’re on the water and you’ll see how fishing main lake structure with the new Megabass Vision 110+1 Jr can be a great option for covering water and catching fish.


Vision 110+1 JR Jerkbait –
Orochi XX Ronin Spinning Rod –

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