Fishing the Vision Oneten Jr for Late Summer Bass

One of the biggest myths in bass fishing, is that jerkbaits are limited to pre-spawn fishing. While this time of year is indeed the best times to throw a jerkbait, the lure remains productive all season long, especially given the profile and color options we see today. Fishing the Vision Oneten Jr for late summer bass can lead to productive fishing days across many bodies of water. Much of this has to do with the continuing shad spawns throughout the summer. Late summer shad and other baitfish tend to be small, and their smaller profile makes baits like the Megabass Vision Oneten Jr a great choice.

jerkbait patterns

In late summer and early fall, you have two main jerkbait patterns to follow. The first one is centered around northern smallmouth bass. Many lakes along the northern tier of US are key late summer jerkbait areas. The big smallmouth in these lakes will cruise large shallow flats in 3-8 feet of water. Smaller jerkbaits like the Vision Oneten Jr, fished on 8lb test line, will reach depths of 4-5 feet; the key water column for this situation. In the clear water, these smaller profile jerkbaits excel, and will attract numbers of trophy smallmouth.

The other situation that smaller profile jerkbaits will produce is on more traditional man-made lakes further south and west. You will find largemouth and spotted bass in these areas along with smallmouth, and the key is still to work the Oneten Jr extremely fast and erratically. Normally, jerkbaits need some hesitation to be productive, but during these months, most fish prefer a fast retrieve with little to no pause. Since smaller jerkbaits are best fished on 6 and 8lb test, a spinning rod such as the Megabass Orochi XX Whipsnake will allow for long casts and maximum efficiency while working the bait.

The difference between fishing jerkbaits in the pre-spawn vs. during late summer, is in the pre-spawn, bass tend to suspend in open water not in relation to cover or structure. Bass in the late summer almost always seek some sort of structure to relate to. Some of the best target areas to fish are boat docks, stumps, piers, bridge abutments and rock. Warm weather bass are triggered by reaction and as they sit next to these structures, the small profile jerkbaits provide the elements to generate strikes of this nature.

On many lakes and rivers, water clarity will vary in the late summer, but jerkbaits can be effective in nearly all of them. The key is to adjust your color to the water visibility. As a rule of thumb, use the brighter colors such as the Megabass Table Rock SP in water visibilities of under two feet. In water clarity of over two feet, a metallic finish like the Megabass GG Threadfin Shad is highly productive.

Fishing the Vision Oneten Jr for late summer bass can trigger strikes from fish that would otherwise not respond to more traditional lures like crankbaits or slower moving offerings. So, the next time you consider you bait selection for late summer or early fall fishing, the Megabass Vision Oneten Jr should be viewed as a valuable weapon in your arsenal!

Best of luck out there!