Exploring the Versatility of the Dark Sleeper with Chris Zaldain

Hop in the boat as Chris Zaldain dives in-depth on the versatility and effectiveness of the Dark Sleeper swimbait. 

Covered in the Video:

Why a braid to leader setup can be ideal -How the bait can be fished in and around shallow cover -The difference between fishing a swimbait versus a more standard approach -Ideal rod and reel set ups for deep and shallow fishing –

Products Used:

Dark Sleeper 3in. – https://megabass.fish/DarkSleeper3Y

Dark Sleeper 3.8in – https://megabass.fish/DarkSleeper38Y

F7-72XX OrochiXX Perfect Pitch – https://megabass.fish/PerfectPitchY

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