Pro staff fishing tips from our handpicked Megabass team. Find that edge while on the water with our pro staff’s time tested fishing strategies.

A Guide to Replacing Jerkbait Hooks

The world of treble hooks can be a confusing one, even to the experienced angler. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models, including round bends, EWG’s, heavy wire and light wire–not to mention different colors, point grinds and barb sizes. Jerkbaits–especially Megabass jerkbaits–require very specific hooks to maximize the performance of each lure. Katsuage hooks …

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How to Fish the Bottle Shrimp

Bassmaster Elite pro-Chris Zaldain shares his tips on how to rig and fish the Bottle Shrimp, a craw imitation softbait perfect for Texas rigs, jig trailers, and punching applications! Made with the finest Hon-Jikomi material, BOTTLE SHRIMP’s salt-impregnated flavor compound features baitfish and shellfish powders in a proprietary blend, for unmatched taste and key bites.

How to Fish the Spark Shad 5″ Swimbait

B.A.S.S. Elite pro angler Chris Zaldain shares tips and techniques to help you get the most out of larger 5″ swimbaits like the SPARK SHAD. Covering everything from rigging, rod/reel setup, line type, and target areas and retrieves, Chris shows you why this is such a deadly presentation throughout the country!

Healing Heroes: Anglers learn from service veterans

MADILL, Okla. — It sounded like the opening scene of the movie Saving Private Ryan, said Levi Crawford, in describing the 2010 attack in Afghanistan that nearly took his life. That’s all Crawford could do – hear it, because the initial rocket propelled grenade explosion blinded him when it struck his Buffalo mine-protected vehicle. Source: …

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Zaldain’s Sight Fishing Approach

Megabass Pro Chris Zaldain shares his sight fishing tips for big bass with Tyler Brinks of Chris shares insights gained through competition on the B.A.S.S. Elite circuit to maximize catch rates throughout the spawn period.   Key tips include: Techniques: drop shot, Texas rig, and swimbait Key products: Bottle Shrimp, Magdraft 6″ 45 minutes max …

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Zaldain’s 3rd Place Finish on Bull Shoals/Norfolk Lake

Chris Zaldain approached the multi-lake format of the Bull Shoals / Norfolk Lake event with an open mind, and dialed in a killer swimbait bite on the first day! The Magdraft 6″ and a dropshot factored heavily in his approach. Check out the video to see what areas of the lake he targeted and why, …

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How Edwin Evers Won the Bassmaster Classic

Ever wonder what it takes to win the biggest bass fishing tournament on the planet? Edwin Evers breaks down his 2016 championship, from preparation, practice, and some tips and techniques to help you be a more successful angler when it’s all on the line! Key takeaways include: How to custom-weight your FlapSlap for cold-water success …

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Zaldain’s 30-7lb bag on the CA Delta

Zaldain shares his approach for the Bassmaster Elite on the CA Delta, including the setups and techniques he utilized to adjust to changing conditions, and end up with a solid 6th place finish! Key Products: F5-75XX Extreme Mission Type:F for Delta dropshot F7-72XX Perfect Pitch for 1/4oz Texas and Bottle Shrimp 4″ I-Slide 135

How to Fish the XPOD

Edwin Evers teams up with the PAA to share some of his favorite ways to work the XPOD transforming topwater bait! Edwin can fine-tune his presentation on the water to adjust to the changing moods of target fish, adjusting the amount of commotion with the click of the XPOD’s patented lip mechanism.

Vision Oneten Magnum Tips: Randy Blaukat

Veteran Pro and jerkbait guru Randy Blaukat shares some valuable insight about the first-generation Vision Oneten Magnum. Kindly note that the current production model is a SUSPEND model, and no longer tuned for a slow-sink. However, depending on water temperature, the Magnum can be easily tuned for a slow-sink, either by use of lead strips, or by …

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