Bite-triggering switchback glide action!

The Megabass VATALION vibration / glidebait is tuned for all speeds, and is designed stop on a dime and slide out to the left or right when the retrieve is suddenly paused. With a slow retrieve, VATALION exhibits sharp, quick turns for pinpoint targeting of channels through grass beds, submerged weeds, and alongside structure. With fast retrieves, it tightens up and delivers a hard-hitting, high-pitch rolling action akin to the Vibration-X Ultra, luring bites from distance.

The Megabass VATALION is not meant to be worked with rod action—instead, it has proven incredibly effective as a stop & go bait, with retrieve speed adjusted to conditions. The irregular inertia-powered slides that occur the moment retrieval is stopped are the VATALION’s secret weapon, eliciting crushing bites.


From the studio

Vatalion 190

Ultra Shallow Water Glidebait fishing with the Vatalion 190

Chris Zaldain shows you how ultra shallow water glidebait fishing with the Vatalion 190 can help trigger strikes from massive bass foraging on bluegills! Take to the water with Chris to learn tips and tricks on how to deploy the Vatalion 190SF, and the gear that is need to throw this large profile bait. Gear …

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