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SuWITCH is equipped with the patented transforming lip system pioneered in the XPOD. This revolutionary system allows the angler to change the angle of the lip with a firm “click” to instantly switch between different target ranges and action profiles.

“Su” means four. SuWITCH, or “four witches,” has a diversely destructive power that joins four seemingly magical powers into a single lure. It is a new generation of multi-purpose swimbait that can switch up its diving range and action to suit the situation.

Equipped with the world’s first “2-step variable bill” one-touch lip adjustment mechanism for swimbaits, SuWITCH switches seamlessly between “wake mode” and “dive mode” at the angler’s behest. In each mode, the lure can be retrieved with either a straight retrieve or with the additional dynamism of twitching and jerking rod work. Thus, a single lure can produce actions with four different appealing characteristics.


When the lip is clicked down into the vertical position, it helps generate strong displacement, splash, a jointed body attack sound, and violent roll flashing, making it a deadly wake bait. A slow retrieve will bring out its destructive power to the fullest. SuWITCH also excels when twitching it to move left or right, and constant twitches to produce dog-walking. The bait’s artistic action and stance can induce bites even from pinpoint spots.


By clicking the lip up so it’s at an angle, the lure can be used as a “shallow runner” that dives to depths of 3-4ft. It can be used in situations where fish do not come to the surface, or when targeting fish that have descended into the mid-range. It can be used to approach cruising fish or monsters that stay on structure or vegetation. The dynamic rolling dart action achieved by fast retrieve and twitching greatly increases its appeal to neutral fish.

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