Anglers who have experienced the effectiveness of the Megabass VISION ONETEN jerkbaits will be impressed by the X-80 TRICK DARTER. A long time favorite of many top fishing professionals, the Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER jerkbait truly comes alive in the water.

The Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER features the same Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT.) as the Megabass VISION ONETEN, powering long casts and incredible action. The TRICK DARTER will dance erratically with short snaps of the rod tip, moving even more sharply to the left/right than the Vision Oneten.

The Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER  is a particularly deadly lure for smallmouth, and pre-spawn bass in clear water. Ideal conditions are in water visibilities between 2 to 20ft., combined with water temps between 38 and 65 degrees. However, the  TRICK DARTER will truly produce in any weather condition; anglers will find they can continue to draw strikes on slick, sunny days when other lures won’t.


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X-80 Trick Darter: How to Catch More Fish on a Finesse Jerkbait

X-80 Trick Darter: How to Catch More Fish on a Finesse Jerkbait

Learn how to catch more fish on a finesse jerkbait from Megabass pro, Randy Blaukat. Randy has trusted the effectiveness of the X-80 for years, and it continues to put fish in the boat!

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Megabass X-80 Trick Darter Jerkbait Underwater

Shiner-Style Jerkbaits

Megabass Pro Edwin Evers shares his insight on the X-80 Trick Darter and ITO Shiner, two sleeper jerkbaits that are go-to’s in the warmer months, and when targeting aggressive feeders. Both lures feature taller backs and shiner-like profiles that allow them to dart even harder than the Vision 110! Find out when and where pro’s …

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When Small Jerkbaits Shine

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen many anglers make is that they get locked into throwing only a standard-size jerkbait like the Vision 110. If they fish it for a while without any success, many simply make the determination that the bass simply aren’t biting jerkbaits that particular day. Often just switching the size will …

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Jerkbaits in 40-degree Waters

Traditionally, most anglers have viewed winter as the prime time for jerkbait fishing. The conventional wisdom indicated that suspending jerkbaits were only effective for sluggish bass in cold water. This myth has been dispelled greatly over the past 10 years, but the fact remains that jerkbaits shine when the water temperatures are in the forties. …

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Understanding Jerkbait Conditions

In my opinion, jerkbait fishing can be one of the most complicated techniques in bass fishing, but if practiced correctly it can also be among the most rewarding and fun. There are many variables that are crucial to fine-tuning this technique, but determining the best conditions in which to use it may be the first …

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A Guide to Replacing Jerkbait Hooks

The world of treble hooks can be a confusing one, even to the experienced angler. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models, including round bends, EWG’s, heavy wire and light wire–not to mention different colors, point grinds and barb sizes. Jerkbaits–especially Megabass jerkbaits–require very specific hooks to maximize the performance of each lure. Katsuage hooks …

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