Super-Z Z3









3/8 oz




Compact agility to rule the deep!

The Super Z, renowned for its outsized castability and compact performance, is now available in a deeper diving Z3 version. Built to easily dominate deep water from wild ponds and rivers to big lakes, the Z3 can easily reach a maximum depth of 4m (13ft) on 8lb Fluorocarbon line.

Powered by Megabass’ patented LBO II moving balancer system for superior casting distance in its size and weight class, the Z3 delivers on its promise without succumbing to the poor casting characteristics of traditional offerings.  

Z3’s hydrodynamic design exhibits an enticing tight-pitch action throughout the retrieve, staying true amidst current and bottom contact alike. Built with a “hard contact bill” to give clear feedback to the angler as it tirelessly engages structure with “bulldog” contact, the Z3’s ability to trace tightly along the bottom is exceptional in its size and weight class. Previously, this kind of performance required a significantly larger body and internal volume to harness the effects of buoyancy, but the Z3 has succeeded in revealing astonishing performance in an unbelievably small size. Designed for easy handling with medium-light to medium rods in the F3 to F4 class, the Z3 is an uncompromising compact deep crank for the next generation of anglers.


From the studio

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