Lure Rating

3/4 – 1.9oz

Line Rating

8 – 20lb


Rebuilt as a two-piece model to tackle the depths with greater precision and control, the OROCHI XX LAUNCHER steps up a weight class from F5 to F6, displaying surprising sensitivity along with its newfound power. Retooled taper is designed with a tip section that “gives” like traditional glass, loads effortlessly into the formidable mid-section to power sweeping hooksets, then anchors the fight in the kabt™ reinforced butt section to overcome hard-fighting keepers.

kabt™ metal microfiber material, graphite, glass, and Micro Pitch Taping technologies combine to produce not only increased power, but also substantial increases to sensitivity. This allows heightened detection of bottom-composition changes, grass contact, bites and clearer feedback throughout the retrieve.

By modifying taper and material composition, LAUNCHER blends the properties of glass more smoothly with its graphite construction, allowing for a forgiving tip section that does not get in the way of load transition when casting heavier plugs. This allows LAUNCHER to more fully leverage the potential of its construction, casting a wider range of plugs with tremendous power and accuracy.


kabt™ (p. ‘kabutoh’): The astonishing tensile strength and tenacious resilience of the kabt‘s shape-memory metal microfibers are woven into a layered, multi-axis arrangement that reinforces the butt-section of each blank, delivering a superior power-to-weight ratio and more decisive lifting-power and control.

Multi-tonnage construction: Each blank utilizes low-resin carbon of varying tonnage. By matching the desired bend-characteristics of each point to the ideal tonnage, each blank is able to realize ever-greater potential—which translates into silky-smooth load transfer across all taper-types for intuitive cast and feel.

Spiral Architect Reel Seat: A Megabass-original designed for low-profile ergonomics, maximum blank exposure, structural integrity, and efficient grip-shifts when moving from casting to palming.

Micro-Pitch Taping: Un-sanded finishing tape features higher wrapping-density for increased durability and blank crispness.

Fuji® Stainless SiC Guides

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