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A heavyweight contender in a crowded field, JAMAICA BOA delivers explosive performance that cannot be ignored. The patented MANTA PROP(DR.P) converts water flow to flash, vibration, and sonic force with a fearsome power akin to a turbine engine, making easy prey of elusive targets. To correct a weakness in many buzzbaits, JAMAICA BOA is built with thick gauge high-grade stainless-steel wire to take the fight to heavy cover and brutally head-shaking trophies alike. SONIC RATTLE CHAMBER(PAT.P) delivers user-adjustable shockwaves to rile up aggressive feeders and acts as a prop-stopper for long-distance bomber casts to search out targets far and wide.

MANTA PROP (DR.P) Inspired by the effortlessly powerful movement of Sting Rays, the MANTA PROP rotates with surprising ease, generating potent waves and dynamic sound for a unique performance that relentlessly stimulates the predatory instincts of discerning bass.

HIRAMEN SKIRT Reminiscent of a Tai Kabura jig, the flow of the skirt responds to the vibrations of the blades and the speed of the retrieve, creating a unique lifelike appearance. On the fall or during slow retrieves, the skirt undulates seductively, eliciting a natural reaction in every case. Your chances of a bite will skyrocket.

LOUD SONIC RATTLE CHAMBER(PAT.P)The powerful rotation of the MANTA PROP brings its blade edge in contact with the RATTLE CHAMBER mounted on the lower shaft arm, delivering a sonic shockwave that invites retaliatory bites from lurking predators. The sonic profile can be fine-tuned to changing conditions by carefully bending the wire form for more—or less—contact between prop and rattle chamber.

V-FLAT & HOVER-CUP HEAD Unique head-shape delivers nimble recovery from deflections and uncanny bushwhacking ability, opening up new fields for conquest. HOVER-CUP provides lift, enabling slower retrieves and quicker start-up after long casts or cover contact. Rear-weighted design improves the castability of notoriously troublesome buzzbaits.


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