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Catch More Buzzbait Bass

Catch More Buzzbait Bass

Tackle the crystal-clear waters of the northern US with Megabass Product Specialist, Justin Perelli, to learn how to catch more buzzbait bass. By breaking down cast angles, boat position and

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Leaning into a good one with the Orochi XX Braillist. The Braillist combines sensitivity with power and is a great choice when dragging jigs, Carolina rigs, and Texas rigs. Being able to feel the bottom composition is a huge part of these techniques and allows the angler the input needed to know when their bait is coming through the strike zone. ...

Fine-tuning individual setups and techniques will always play an intricate role in challenging yourself as an angler. The LEVANTE jerkbait special is purpose-built to maximize the performance of Megabass jerk baits like the VISION ONETEN and X-80. Its ideal length of 6'11" combined with a shortened rear grip allows for an easy, balanced cadence and long casts. Fast-taper construction allows for quick and precise transmission of angler input, making jerk bait come alive in the water. The blank's powerful middle section quickly drives hooks home and keeps surging fish pinned, transferring load smoothly to ensure hard-won fish reach the boat. ...