Megabass Psychic Trucker Navy/Navy



One Size Fits All







Material (Mesh)

Recycled Plastic

Material (Fabric)

80% Acrylic,20% Wool


The mesh back classic has been updated with recycled plastic and crisp wool-blend fabric for a lustrous feel and deep color that is resistant to fading. The iconic Japanese patch now includes the American flag and a new “Skull & Rods” design.

From the studio

“Floating” Crankbaits for Key Bites

Palaniuk’s Cranking System Heading into his thirteenth Bassmaster Classic, and third on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake, Brandon Palaniuk expected to deploy a unique shallow-water cranking technique he calls “FLOATING”, for a chance at the win. This time around was a bit later than the previous iterations – 2013, when he was the runner-up; and 2016, when …

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Palaniuk’s Will to Win

Leading into his 13th Bassmaster Classic, Brandon Palaniuk has fished more than 150 professional tournaments with B.A.S.S., and he has won exactly six times. In baseball, that sort of batting average gets you sent back to the minors. For a football coach, it would be a one way ticket to the unemployment line. In fishing, …

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Finesse Swimbaits for Winter Bass

Small swimbaits are one of the most effective methods for winter bass fishing due to their lifelike appearance and versatility. From a traditional jighead to the more recent hover rig, small swimbaits are effective year-round but often shine brightest in the winter months. Rigging swimbaits on a jighead is a tried and true standard, allowing …

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Finesse jerkbait fishing harnesses smaller jerkbaits to generate strikes in situations where traditionally-sized offerings are less productive than usual. This may be due to cooling conditions, bass keying on smaller forage, or when waters are highly pressured. Observing the nuances of your specific body of water will allow you to dial in your finesse jerkbait …

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How the VISION ONETEN Jerkbait was Made

Veteran Missouri bass pro Randy Blaukat had a front-row seat for two critical inflection points in jerkbait fishing history: First, by virtue of geography, he learned from some of the old Ozarks masters how to customize and fish some of the original lures of the genre; and second, by virtue of his relationship with Japanese …

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How Brandon Palaniuk Became a Complete Angler

Brandon Palaniuk received the nickname “The Prodigy” relatively early in his career. It fit his youth, his meteoric rise, and his Roy Hobbs like ascendance from the bass fishing backwaters of Idaho – but it didn’t tell the whole story. Indeed, while it’s quite evident that he is supremely gifted, fishing fans should never forget …

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