4-1/4oz $15.99, 5-1/4oz $16.99, 6-1/3oz $17.99


4-1/4oz, 5-1/4oz, 6-1/3oz


The MAKI JIG VOLT is a brand new type of vertical swimming jig that doesn’t require the technical know-how to perform rod actions or skilled retrieves to get great performance. All you have to do is wind it in. After it contacts the bottom, retrieve it at a constant speed without applying any rod work. The body creates delicate wobble and roll actions, leaving agitated water currents behind it. The tako bait further amplifies the dazzling movements, captivating targets. Starting with blue fish, this magical jig has the power to enchant red sea bream, sea bass and more. It’s already creating a revolution in the offshore vertical jigging scene.