F8-78X MARK 48





8 (X-Heavy)



Lure Rating

1.2oz – 5oz

Line Rating

20 – 40lb 


Filling a much-needed role as the right cross to the ONAGER’s knockout punch, the Destroyer F8-78X MARK48 unlocks the full potential of smaller swimbaits like the MAGDRAFT 6” and 8” and I-SLIDE 185.  7’8” length and carefully-tuned taper are ideal for imparting action to the I-SLIDE 185, skipping swimbaits, target casting and roll-casting.  

Sturdy 7’8” frame is built to drive thick-gauged hooks home with devastating power and take the fight to trophy-class fish. High torsional rigidity of Destroyer blank construction stores more potential energy with each backswing, unleashing maximal cast distance with minimal effort. Finished with double-wrapped, double-footed guides for peak strength and durability to withstand the grueling demands of trophy anglers.  

Here will go the specs details.

Here will go the specs details.