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VIOS Mineral




8 per pack


Crafted with a carefully blended salt-rich formula, the Megabass development team focused on achieving the perfect balance between specific gravity, form-retention, and action.
Tuned to ensure a wriggling, horizontal fall when rigged no sinker, and an enticing, undulating fall when rigged wacky style, DOT CRAWLER has the perfect material composition to send aggressive tremors through its entire length when shaken for maximum appeal.

Additionally, the guidance holes on DOT CRAWLER’s sides can be used as a hook-position indicator to ensure consistent settings.
With a purposefully rough, textured finish, DOT CRAWLER is designed for natural appearance, feel and rigging versatility. The strong water disturbance emitted by the main body combines with the micro-pitch vibration of the pintail to offer new-wave destruction, attracting lurking monsters where others may fail.