This mysterious lunker-hunting finesse prop bait, hand made for Yuki Ito’s private use, is now available as an injection plug, named X-PLOSE (SS). With a slow-sinking (SS) setting, you can fish the X-PLOSE like a conventional spybait, or speed up your retrieve for topwater action! The slow-sink setting is a great secondary technique for missed topwater bites–simply pause, and let the bait sink for a few seconds before turning the handle, and oftentimes that is all it takes to elicit that follow-up bite!

The X-PLOSE’s uniquely formed propellers incorporate a specialized gear hole which produces a sound that keeps it in tune with schooling bait. The flat balancer mounted on the belly creates a super low center of gravity, lending stability and a touch of roll, even in rough conditions. During straight retrieves, it swims with a gentle wobble and shimmy, sending enticing flashes throughout the water column. If you use the Megabass X-PLOSE (SS) in the field, you will see why it was a personal favorite of Yuki’s for so long!

– The low center-of-gravity flat balancer system allows for great stability, preventing unwanted twisting action with slow to medium retrieves
– Gear-shaped teeth along the inside of the prop come in contact with the mount as the props spin, creating a finely tuned sound modeled after schooling baitfish
– The specialty propeller rotates even during slow retrieves, creating dynamic waves and flash that lure in prey