Oliver Ngy

About Oliver Ngy

Founder of the lifestyle label Big Bass Dreams, renowned monster bass hunter, guide, and fishing personality, Oliver Ngy has blazed his own trail in the sport of bass fishing.

While still in his 30’s, Ngy is consider an O.G. when it comes to the big swimbait game, catching giant bass from California to New York. With an on-film catch of a 17.40 pound largemouth bass already to his credit, and countless largemouth bass over 10lbs, Ngy adds a new weight range to the Megabass Pro Team. Ngy has parlayed his big bait prowess into his own Big Bass Dreams fishing lifestyle company, sharing his DREAM of ever-greater PB’s with passionate anglers the world over.

Oliver just finished wrapping up his first season of a new reality TV show titled, “Breaking Bass” to premiere on a new digital reality video network (Go90) that should begin airing Spring of 2017. His high-demand for big bass training sessions, experience as a lifestyle brand creator, ability to capture compelling content, and expertise with big baits made him a perfect addition to the Megabass team.

Ngy has been throwing Megabass swimbaits since before they hit the market, and has had a hand in the design of several baits from field testing to action requirements. He understands the nuances of every swimbait in the Megabass line-up and uses them to their full potential to capture some incredible video footage of giant bass catches.

But he’s not just limited to swimbaits. Growing up as a deck hand on a tuna boat, competing in tournaments for over a decade and fishing for multi-species his entire life, he’s experienced a wide gamut of fishing opportunities. The last couple of years he’s been traveling the country to experience big bass fishing for spotted bass, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass from Canada, California, Texas, New York and beyond, employing everything from the Vision Oneten+1 and PopMax, to the Magdraft, Spark ShadI-Slide and beyond, to land trophy bass all over the country.

Ngy lists the I-Slide 262T as one of his favorite Megabass baits. Other favorites include the 10″ Magdraft, Deep-Six and Vision Oneten+1.

Ngy is still on a mission to best his 17-pound catch with a youthful enthusiasm. And doesn’t consider the world record largemouth catch out of the realm of possibility either. With a new reality TV show, two full-length feature documentary films, a successful lifestyle brand and on-the-water-training waiting lists already, Ngy will surely leave a mark on fishing that few outside of the professional angler ranks could ever imagine. He is living the DREAM many aspire to when it comes to fishing and truly shows how much fun it is to fish Megabass lures.

“The attention to detail, unwavering quality standards and the concepts that Megabass is built upon give me the edge I need when chasing the biggest fish of my life.” – Oliver Ngy