With an ultra-compact design, the V-FLAT Power Bomb packs the extreme castability and big slow-rolling action of much larger, heavy-weight spinnerbaits. Unlike conventional 1/2 oz. spinnerbaits, more of the V-FLAT Power Bomb's total weight is concentrated in the V-FLAT head design. This concentration of weight translates into the kind of larger rolling-action that you are more used to seeing in bigger spinnerbaits.

The V-FLAT head also allows you to work the Power Bomb along bottoms and vast shallow-areas, the V-FLAT's boat-like keel cutting confidently through all types of waters.

The V-Flat Power Bomb packs the big-time action of larger spinnerbaits into a smaller profile, offering up a truly unique combo of action and size that will draw reaction bites from clever fish grown wise to conventional spinnerbait offerings.